Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee. If so, what is it?

Yes, there is a fee to cover project expenses; however, we work hard to provide high quality products at reasonable costs. Fees are determined by the complexity of the projects and the time to complete.

What kinds of work can you do?

We can:

  1. Collect data through phone, face-to-face and electronic surveys;

  2. Collect data using secondary sources/available documents;

  3. Provide demographic studies, employee satisfaction, customer analyses, feasibility studies, and opinion polls; and

  4. Prepare reports/presentations to summarize data analyses.

Who does the work

SRC hires graduate students and upper class undergraduates to perform surveys, if appropriate. We also contract with faculty at SSU or other universities to perform data analyses in their disciplines, e.g. economics, HR management, marketing, public administration, social sciences, etc SRC also has two employees dedicated to supervising data collection and, in some cases, conducting research, analyzing data and preparing reports.

Who develops the surveys?

Sometimes clients already have a preferred survey instrument. In other cases, we work with the client to define survey questions that will provide the most effective data.

How are surveys conducted?

SRC has a dedicated call-center for phone-based data collection. The call-center uses call management software to track calls and minimize errors in the surveying process. Surveys can be conducted also by face-to-face interviews. Finally, surveys can be conducted via online polling software.