Field and Clinical Experiences


    Field and Clinical Experiences are critical components of all teacher preparation programs. Therefore, field and clinical experiences are an integral part of the School of Teacher Education curricula.

    Field and clinical experiences offer multiple opportunities for candidates to develop, practice, and demonstrate the content, pedagogical knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions that promote learning and student growth for all students. During field and clinical experiences, candidates observe, assist, tutor, plan, instruct, analyze data, and conduct research. Field and clinical experiences are ongoing throughout each program curricula and takes place in a variety of P-12 school-based settings.

    The Field and Clinical Experience Coordinator assigns all candidates in diverse school-base settings. Field and clinical experiences are under the supervision and mentoring of certified clinical educatorsâ€"drawn from discipline-specific, pedagogical, and P-12 professionalsâ€"who are trained to coach and provide feedback to candidates.

    Candidates will engage in 900 continuous clock hours:

    Candidate must provide their own transportation to complete all field and clinical experiences.