Degree Programs

    Bachelor of Science in Education

    The Bachelor of Science in Education at Savannah State University is a teacher education certification preparation program for individuals who desire to teach biology, mathematics, or engineering technology education. The four-year program provides students with a strong foundation of research-based teaching methods; pedagogical and technical courses to integrate technology and build content knowledge; professional courses that are designed to enhance students' understanding of teaching and learning; and, immerse students in field experience with P - 12 students.

    Upon successful completion of all requirements, graduates are eligible for Georgia teacher certification in one of the following programs:

    Students must also meet all clearance and testing requirements specified by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission to become a certified teacher. The initial certification is in the content field that the students selects upon acceptance into the teacher education program. Many states have reciprocity with the state of Georgia, which generally enables graduates to apply for certification in neighboring states after they are certified to teach in the state of Georgia.

    The School of Teacher Education conceptual framework theme, "Preparing Global, Reflective, Professional Educators," reflects our commitment to teacher education and to making a positive difference in the lives of learners. Building on Savannah State's motto, "You can get anywhere from here," we believe that our graduates "can teach anywhere from here" as well prepared professional educators and leaders in diverse settings, committed to understanding and applying the most effective teaching tools and bringing forward the best in student learning outcomes.

    Find the current course catalog here:

    Course Catalog

    *Note: Current online catalog does not contain new education preparation foundation courses and technology education courses. Content courses for Biology, Mathematics, Civil Engineering Technology, and Electronics Engineering Technology are in the current online catalog.