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Fifth-Year Interim Report

Navigating This Site

The sections of the site are labeled at the top of every page, so you will always have the option of clicking a menu item to navigate to a particular section. Below you will find detailed information about navigating this site. Please read this information carefully and be sure to review the Technical Requirements section to make sure you meet all requirements.

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Interim Report

This section of the site provides access to the Fifth-Year Compliance Certification. In the compliance report section, each requirement has its own page.

The narrative section of the site will contain information in support of the institution’s compliance with the specified requirement. As such, this section may contain tables and images, as well as links to supporting Web sites and documents.

Source documents are provided at the bottom of the page directly following the narrative and can be in the form of PDFs or Web site links. Clicking on a source will bring up the document or link in a new browser window. After you are finished viewing a paticular source, you may close the window to return to the original requirement page. Some requirements may have special supporting documents broken up into folders and sub-folders. These will display in a graphical folder structure so you will be able to click on the plus sign (+) next to a folder to view any documents or sub-folders inside of it. If you are viewing this page on a USB drive, Internet Explorer may block the script from running, so you can just right click on the top warning bar to allow the script to run.

Document Directory

This page provides a link to PDF documents that serve as sources and are applicable to multiple requirements. These documents are generally larger in size (i.e. handbooks or catalogs) and therefore provided in the Document Directory as an additional reference.