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Fifth-Year Interim Report
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FR 4.6 Recruitment Materials

Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution's practices and policies.

Compliance                     ___ Non-Compliance


Savannah State University provides recruitment materials that accurately represent the institution's practices, policies, programs, and procedures. The Student Affairs Division, specifically the Office of Admissions and Enrollment Management , establishes annual marketing and recruitment plans which outline avenues for disseminating information to prospective students and other stakeholders and highlighting the broad range of services offered by the University. The deans of the three colleges, namely the College of Business Administration; the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; and the College of Sciences and Technology; and the School of Teacher Education, along faculty and staff in their respective units,  the university's recruiters, coordinate the development of printed materials that relay the educational message and mission of the College.  The process starts with the coordination of information through various departments, faculty, and staff who possess the necessary content expertise.

These publications are produced through the efforts of the Student Affairs staff and the Department of Marketing and Communications staff with assistance from local graphic artists and the University's print shop. Distance Education courses are marketed in the same manner as traditional, on-campus courses.

Marketing materials include the Student Handbook and Catalog, the Savannah State University Admissions website , full-color brochures ( Undergraduate programs;Master of Business Administration;Master of Science in Marine Sciences;Master of Social Work;Master of Science in Urban Studies and Planning ) flyers, and posters. The Student Handbook and Catalog lists all policies, procedures, rules, and information about programs at the University. These items are used in recruitment packets and presentations.

To promote university events and help in the recruitment process, the University maintains a social network presence with established Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

The Office of Admissions along with various faculty, staff, and administrators deliver recruitment presentations to local businesses, industries, clubs, and high schools within the University's service area. Individual letters to area high school counselors and high school seniors are a continuous part of the University's recruiting efforts.  

Savannah State University gets a large percentage of its new student enrollment from the metropolitan Atlanta area, and regularly recruits in that area.  Area-wide recruitment events, such as seven-county Admissions Information Sessions held in 2015, allow for contact with a number pf potential students with one recruitment event.

Area high school students are regularly invited to campus for campus tours with their families, as well as special events such as Open Campus Days ; that bring prospective students to campus to participate in events designed to stimulate their interests in education beyond high school. Beyond invited tours, Savannah State University recruitment staff and other university stakeholders utilize every event or activity that brings prospective students to campus as an opportunity to tell them what the university has to offer. Information on students is collected via contact cardsthat students are asked to complete.

Once students have made the decision that Savannah State University is their institution of choice, the focus of contact shifts to ensuring that they are able to make a seamless transition into the university community.  New Student (Tiger) Enrollment Sessions provide students with an opportunity to complete necessary enrollment processing, as well and an opportunity to meet the members of their class and familiarize themselves with the campus.  During these sessions, students meet and receive contact information on the offices/personnel that they will need to be familiar with as they become members of the university community.         

In addition to general recruitment, recruitment materials and activities specific to colleges, schools, or programs are also developed ( College of Science and Technology Open; College of Business Administration).

Image advertisements , university newsletters (Rising Tide November 2016), and class schedules (Fall 2016 ) help re-enforce the recruiting efforts of the University.


As indicated in the narrative above, and supported by the documentation provided, the recruitment materials and presentations of Savannah State University accurately represent the institution's practices and policies.

Supporting Documentation and Evidence:

·          Savannah State University Student Affairs Division

·          Office of Admissions and Enrollment Management

·          Savannah State University Office of Marketing and Communications

·          Savannah State University Student Handbook

·          Savannah State University Undergraduate Catalog

·          Savannah State University Admissions Website

·          Undergraduate Programs Brochure

·          Master of Business Administration Brochure

·          Master of Science in Marine Sciences Brochure

·          Master of Social Work Brochure

·          Master of Science in Urban Studies and Planning Brochure

·          Savannah State University Facebook Page

·          Savannah State University Twitter Account

·          Savannah State University Instagram Account

·          Admissions Information Sessions

·          Open Campus Day Poster

·          New Student (Tiger) Enrollment Sessions

·          Contact Reference Card

·          Rising Tide Newsletter (November 2016)

·          College of Sciences and Technology Open House

·          College of Business Administration Open House