Write for Change

Identifying the problem is the easy part. The challenge is creating practical solutions. Use your words to make a difference and win prizes. Voice your opinion! Write for Change provides an on the spot writing platform for students to address problems both on campus and in the community. The judging criteria include creativity, descriptive exposition, and grammar/mechanics.

Winners are awarded gift cards!




Spring 2017: If you were the new U.S. President, what would you do to improve some of the race-related problems you think this country faces?

1st place winner: Dana Francis

2nd place winner: Eddie Ferguson Jr.

3rd place winner: Kentrez Worthen

Special Prize: Sean Edwards


Fall 2016: 2016 Presidential Election


1st place winner: Nicole Harrison

2nd place winner: Erika Adams

3rd place winner: Donald Moore


Spring 2016: SSU SGA 2016-2017

What topic should be the priority for the newly elected SGA team, and what practical steps should they take to make a difference on this issue for the student body?


Fall 2015: How would you improve SSU?

1st place winner: Enow Ayuk

2nd place winner: Onevious Johnson

3rd place winner: Tyisha Wells


Spring 2014:

1st place winner: Calvert Smith

2nd place winner: Hector Benitez

3rd place winner: Andre Vaughn

Fall 2013: What must be done to create a safe campus environment?

1st place winner: Christopher Sledge

2nd place winner: Kiara Lewis

3rd place winner: Zivaishe Moyo

4th place winner: Sarah Dillard


Spring 2013: How would you improve SSU?

1st place winner: Ashley Inness

2nd place winner: Jasmine Davis

3rd place winner: Chelsea Young

4th place winner: Shalalah James


Fall 2012: With the upcoming election, what would you like to see change? Identify our most important issues as a nation and offer your solution.

1st place winner: Travis Nixon

2nd place winner: Jolly Joseph

3rd place winner: Jadon Forbes