Essay Contests

Adding an incentive is another way that we motivate students to write. Topics and prizes vary.



Past Winners:


Fall 2017:


November 20, 2017: "I Love My SSU" $250 Book Scholarship (3 awards)

C'Asia Griffin

Jameshia Roberson

Gabrielle Sams


October 2, 2017: SSU Homecoming Student Essay Contest

1st Place: Breanna Roland

2nd Place: C'Asia Griffin

3rd Place: Makiya Jackson

Freshman Special Prize: Jaelin Whitt


September 20-21, 2017: Write for Change: Confederate Monuments

1st Place: Luther Hodges

2nd Place: Jasmine M. Davis

3rd Place: Damien Bryant


Spring 2017:


March 24, 2017: QEP Week 2017-Write To Inspire

Ebony Peek

Jasmine Monday


February 9, 2017: Write For Change

1st Place: Dana Francis

2nd Place: Eddie Ferguson Jr.

3rd Place: Kentrez Worthen

Special Prize: Sean Edwards


Fall 2016:

October 25, 2016: SSU Homecoming Student Essay Contest

1st Place: Janae Jackson

2nd Place: Caprisha Treadwell

3rd Place: Nikia Mitchell

Freshman Special Prize: Jessica Satterwhite

October 21, 2016: Education Matters Essay Contest

1st Place: Itunu Ilesanmi

2nd Place: Shaniqua Brown

3rd Place: Raveen Lewis

October 3, 2016: "I Love My SSU!" $250 Scholarship Essay Contest (3 scholarships)

Sarah Dillard

Marcus Harper

Akyra Wright

September 22, 2016: Intellectual Freedom Writing Contest

1st Place: Shaiane Cardoso Pinto

2nd Place: Sunsieah Davis


September 22, 2016: Write for Change: 2016 Presidential Election

1st Place: Nicole Harrison

2nd Place: Erika Adams

3rd Place: Donald Moore


September 16, 2016: Write to Inspire! #EducationMatters Week

1st Place: Chelsea Parker

2nd Place: Jordan Smith

3rd Place: Anthony Stewart


Spring 2016:


April 15, 2016: Math Awareness Week: QEP Essay Contest

1st Place: E'Lona Levett

2nd Place: Brandon Bacon


April 8, 2016: Paint Chip Poetry Contest

1st Place: Shaniqua Brown

2nd Place: Simone Rolle


March 25, 2016: SSU Global Citizen Essay Contest

1st Place: Shaniqua Brown


February 2, 2016: Bobby Seale and the Black Panther Party

1st Place: Travis Dixon


Fall 2015:


November 11, 2015: Founder's Day Event

1st Place: Chantel White


September 30, 2015: 2015 Homecoming Essay Contest

1st Place: Natavis Harris

2nd Place: Shaniqua Brown

3rd Place: Teisa Sterling

Freshman Special Prize Winner: Jaela Askew


September 18, 2015: QEP Week - Write To Inspire

1st Place: Daniel Gardner

2nd Place: Annabelle Turner

3rd Place: Antonique Cowart


September 18, 2015: Intellectual Freedom Essay Contest

(Asa H. Gordon Library & the QEP)

1st Place: Shaniqua Brown

2nd Place: Shayanna Bonner


September 14, 2015: QEP Week - Write for Change

1st Place: Enow Ayuk

2nd Place: Onevious Johnson

3rd Place: Tyisha Wells


Spring 2015:


May 1, 2015: SSU Department of Mathematics & the QEP Essay Contest

1st Place: Dorion Baker

2nd Place: Raven Davis

3rd Place: John Murphy


April 30, 2015: "I Write! What About You?", The Write Attitude Competition on Instagram

1st Place: Brianna Sanders

2nd Place: Dartanion Jones

3rd Place: Rhonda Jones


April 25, 2015: Paint Chip Poetry Contest


1st Place: Frederick Barnes

2nd Place: Benjamin McLin


February 27, 2015: Stubborn as a Mule! The Write Attitude Essay Contest

* Stubborn as a Mule is a 2010 documentary directed by Miller Bargeron, Jr.


1st Place: Imani McIntyre

2nd Place: Shayanna Bonner


Fall 2014:

October 21, 2014: Estuary and the QEP Office Essay Contest


1st Place: Tom Aaron Bennett Jr

2nd Place: Shayanna Bonner


October 4, 2014: SSU Homecoming 2014 Student Essay Contest


1st Place: Willie Walker

2nd Place: Olivia Botticelli

3rd Place: Phillip Neal


Spring 2014

January 31, 2014: "Oh, freedom": Writing, Reflecting, and Rising Up

Essay winner: Sanya Compton

Poetry winner: Diamond Williams

Fall 2013

October 20th: "Our Legacy, Your Future"

1st place: Arthur Wesley

2nd place: Charise Fogle

3rd place: Shamir D. Yates

September 20th: "Writing Against the Odds"

1st place: Danielle Dottery

2nd place: Maurice Nelson

3rd place: Travis Nixon

September 4th: "March on Washington: 50th Anniversary Commemoration"

1st place: Harry Gregory

2nd place: Willie Walker

3rd place: Patrick "Owen" Clower

Summer 2013

May 20th: "One Word at a Time: Overcoming Stereotypes"

1st place: Ikhaeer Howard

2nd place: Simone Vijolai Scott-Washington

Fall 2012

October 23rd: "Embracing, Engaging, and Embarking on Our Commitment to ONE SSU"

1st place: Travis Nixon

2nd place: Jolly Joseph

3rd place: Jadon Forbes