SSU Authors


Dr. Benn L. Bongang, SSU Faculty, CLASS:

The United States and the United Nations: Congressional Funding and U.N. Reform (2010)


Dr. Charles Elmore, SSU Faculty, CLASS:

Tell Them We Are Rising: The History of Savannah State University (2015)

Savannah Georgia, Black America Series (2002)

First Bryan 1778-2001: The Oldest Continuous Black Baptist Church in America (2002)

General David Hunter's Proclamation: The Quest for African-American Freedom Before and During the Civil War (2002)

All That Savannah Jazz... From Brass Bands, Vaudeville, to Rhythm and Blues (1999)


Dr. Chad Faries, SSU Faculty, CLASS:

Drive Me Out Of My Mind

The Border Will Be Soon: Meditations on the Other Side

The Book of Knowledge


Sjohnna McCray, SSU Faculty, CLASS:

Rapture (2016)