Faculty Development Seminar

"The Write Attitude" Faculty Development Seminar is an 8-week instructional program led by Dr. Lisa Yount, the QEP Director and Associate Professor of Philosophy. The seminar was designed to teach the best practices in pedagogy and writing instruction across the curriculum.

Candidates are chosen based on their support of QEP initiatives and willingness to enhance student learning through writing. Participants will be asked to participate in surveys, implement writing in their respective classrooms, give a brief presentation on their teaching experiences, and assess activities over three semesters.

Along with the skills and pedagogical knowledge afforded by the seminar, participants also receive an honorarium for their efforts.

Some areas to be covered during this seminar include:

We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2016.

Up to six participants representing various academic units on campus will be selected.




Fall 2014

Dr. Spyros Andreou (COST)

Dr. Mir Hayder (COST)

Dr. Pedro Rivera (CLASS)

Dr. Irina Tedrick (CLASS)

Dr. Susanne Toney (COBA)


Fall 2013

Dr. Geoff Bowden (CLASS)

Dr. Suman Niranjan (COBA)

Dr. Linda Samuel (CLASS)

Professor Nicholas Silberg (CLASS)

Dr. Katherine Stewart (CLASS)

Professor Teresa-Michelle Walker (CLASS)


Fall 2012

Dr. Sue Ebanks (COST)

Dr. Dorothy Gardner-Martin (CLASS)

Dr. Cecil Jones (COST)

Dr. Darryl Thompson (CLASS)

Dr. Jun Wu (COBA)


Fall 2011

Dr. Bernita Berry (CLASS)

Dr. Tara Cox (COST)

Professor Desmond Delk (CLASS)

Dr. Samuel Dolo (COST)

Professor Rebecca Setliff (COBA)

Professor Yvonne Warren (CAS)


Summer 2011

Dr. Nat Hardy (CLASS)

Dr. Sujin Kim (COST)

Dr. Lauren McClain (CLASS)

Dr. Arav Oundlous (COBA)

Dr. George Tessema (COST)



I am proof positive that you can teach an "ole dog" new tricks. Participating in the faculty development seminar...gave me new techniques, and more important, a new way of thinking about writing.

-Dr. Setliff, COBA

I would most certainly recommend this workshop. No matter how many years one has been teaching, a refresher is always needed. And for the new teacher, there is a lot of good assessment information.

-Dr. Thompson, CLASS

The seminar was inspirational and encouraging…

-Dr. Dolo, COST