Security Division

The Security Division consists of 22 Security Officers and a Security Supervisor who strive to serve the Savannah State University community in a prompt, courteous, and professional manner.

Security Officers are the extra ears and eyes for the Public Safety Officers. They assist in the protection of life and property, consistent with normal safety precautions. Security Officers responsibilities include patrolling campus grounds on foot or in vehicle, manning security gates checking all vehicles for proper registration to issue campus citations for unregistered vehicles, logging in all visitors; insuring buildings are secure after hours, making written reports regarding suspicious activity, assist the public and give directions and information about the University to visitors. Security Officers also man fixed posts or reception desks in Residence Halls as needed, lock/unlock doors as necessary, responds to incidents requiring documentation after hours. Security officers are assigned to 3 eight hour shifts to assist the Police officers. Their efforts increase the visibility of the Public Safety Department campus wide and allow sworn officers to focus on police duties.