Community Oriented Policing

Our community oriented police officer (COP officer) is a specialized police officer that fills a particular role in the community. Our COP officer is designated to focus on social and community issues/events. Our COP officer strives to develop a relationship with all community members, to solve problems through collaboration with staff, faculty, students, and visitors. The COP officer is here to aid in addressing issues and concerns that the community may have. One of the main roles of a COP officer is to interact and collaborate with the community and their local police departments, in an attempt to bring the two together. This assists in our goal to be as transparent as possible. COP officers work alongside campus organizations, leaders, students, and other local entities that utilize our campus (such as Upward bound children) to create and maintain a comfortable and a safe conditions for all who visit or live in our facilities. Our COP officer works side by side with community groups to address specific problems or work toward certain goals, such as collaborating on domestic violence and sexual assault seminars that are free to the community and assist in keeping our students safe.