K9 team searching through stadium seating
K9 team searching through stadium seating

The Savannah State University Department of Public Safety is equipped with a dynamic canine that is utilized to maximize the detection of narcotics in the campus community. The team is a law enforcement officer (Officer Moody) and a dog (Tina), that conducts searches in response to inspecting areas that could be contaminated with drugs. The K9 Handler is on call 24/7 and his K9 handling duties are in addition to his current patrol assignments.

Tina is trained in drug recognition by a certified instructor along with basic obedience and how to signal the detection of drugs. The K9 handler and canine are taught how to notice the recognition of narcotics. This produces an effective team which can locate and identify a wide variety of dangerous materials.

Once the team successfully completes the training, they are certified by the  Georgia Emergency Management Agency(GEMA). GEMA schedules additional training throughout the year and mandates that each team gets re-certified annually. The SSUPD K9 duo works with other agencies throughout the South East to improve their skills and introduce Tina to different environments. Training with other agencies and in different environments allow the SSUPD K9 duo to develop good working relationships in the possibility they are called on to assist during an emergency.


German Sherpard looking off to the side
SGT. Tina observes her surroundings.