Sue Ebanks

Sue Ebanks

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Marine and Environmental Sciences, Graduate Studies
Office: Marine Science Research Building Rm. 108A
Phone: 912.358.4430
Fax: 912.358.4933


Dr. Sue Ebanks (SSU alumnae 1998, 2005) returned to Savannah State in Fall 2010 as a jointly appointed faculty member in the Marine Science and Environmental Science programs. A wife and a mother of two, she has been a US Navy wife and served as US Navy Command Family Ombudsman as well as taught English to Japanese nationals in Yokohama, Japan. After settling back in the States and starting graduate school, she pushed through two graduate degrees, while homeschooling her older son. Dr. Ebanks is most passionate about cultivating strong character and a spirit of stewardship amongst her mentees. She actively advises the Savannah State Environmental Science Club and can often be seen engaging in outreach activities in the local community. She uses her interests in invertebrate ecology, physiology, and toxicology as a medium through which she can work with citizen scientists, undergraduates, and graduate students. This allows her the opportunity to be actively engaged in mentoring undergraduate research in aquatic physiology and toxicology, nurturing K-12 environmental awareness and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education, as well as promoting community education for environmental issues.

Research Interests

Effects of aquatic environmental stressors on physiological and behavioral endpoints


PhD, Marine Biology and Fisheries - University of Miami
MS, Marine Science - Savannah State University
BS, Environmental Studies - Savannah State University
BS, Marine Science - Savannah State University

Awards & Honors

Not Available


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