Edugie Ekuase

Edugie Ekuase

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Chemistry and Forensic Science
Discipline: Forensic Science
Office: Drew-Griffith Rm. 216
Phone: 912.358.4457
Fax: 912.650.8130


Dr. Edugie Ekuase is currently an Assistant Professor in the department of Chemistry and Forensic Science. She completed her PhD in Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Duffel at the University of Iowa. Prior to receiving her appointment at Savannah State University in 2014, Dr. Ekuase worked at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) as a postdoctoral fellow in the Klaassen laboratory where she investigated the role of nuclear factor erythroid-derived 2- like 2 (Nrf2) gene in preventing the hepatotoxicity produced by a secondary bile acid known as lithocolic acid. She also worked briefly on the mechanism of toxicity of a potential biological warfare agent known as Francisella tularensis in the Parmely laboratory while at KUMC. Dr. Ekuase has expertise in in vitro and in vivo studies, enzymology, molecular modeling using Surflex dock, as well as development of predictive models for interaction of xenobiotics with enzymes with the use of Comparative Molecular Field Analysis.

Research Interests

Includes xenobiotic chemicals and their mechanism of toxicities to animals and humans; Enzymes and their involvement in xenobiotic metabolism in animal models; Cancer risk related to xenobiotic exposure/toxicity and chemoprevention.


PhD, Pharmacy - University of Iowa
BS, Biology - Fort Valley State University

Awards & Honors

Name: Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Institutional Research Training Grant (T32) participant
Organization: KUMC/NIH
Date: 1/1/2011

Name: Iowa Superfund Basic Research Program Training Grant Participant
Organization: University of Iowa/NIH
Date: 1/1/2007

Name: Dean’s Graduate fellow
Organization: University of Iowa
Date: 8/1/2005


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