Carol Pride

Carol Pride

Title: Full Professor, Department Chairperson of Marine and Environmental Sciences
Department: Marine and Environmental Sciences, Graduate Studies
Discipline: Marine Sciences
Office: Marine Science Research Building Rm. 106B
Phone: 912.358.4439
Fax: 912.358.4942


Carol Pride majored in Environmental Science at Wesleyan University in CT. There, she fell in love with teaching while helping with an Invertebrate Paleontology course. Summer internships at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and a semester at the West Indies Laboratory allowed her to refine her interests within the marine geosciences. She completed her PhD in Marine Science at the University of South Carolina studying how climatic variations are imprinted on the marine fossil record of the Gulf of California. She completed postdoctoral research on Southern Ocean silicon isotopic records at the University of California Santa Barbara and served as a visiting professor at the College of Charleston. Carol joined the faculty of Savannah State University in 2002 to help start the master’s degree program in Marine Sciences. Carol now serves as chair for SSU’s Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences, teaches, and mentors students in research. Her undergraduate and graduate students explore temporal variability in our estuarine, salt marsh, and coastal ecosystems, with focus on the imprint of climatic and anthropogenic pressures on these systems.

Research Interests

impacts of climate change on marine systems, micropaleontological and stable isotopic proxies for oceanic variability; human impacts on estuarine waters and communities


PhD, Marine Science - University of South Carolina
BA, Environmental Science - Wesleyan University

Awards & Honors

Not Available


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