Student Union Policies & Procedures

Drugs and Alcohol

Savannah State University is a Drug Fee Campus and prohibits the unlawful possession, manufacture, distribution, dispensation, and use of illicit drugs and alcohol on the institutional premises in accordance with the Drug Free Communities and Schools Act amendments of 1989 and the Georgia Drug-Free Post-secondary Act of 1990.


Animals are not permitted in the Student Union unless they are service animals such as Seeing Eye dogs. Aquatic animals and other types of caged/aquarium dwelling creatures are included in this policy.

Living Room/TV/Computer Lab/Commuter Lounge

No Food or Drinks are allowed in these area due to stains and damage carpets. Gambling is also prohibited in the Union. The television is there for leisure and not playing video games. Please respect each other in the labs by keeping your voice down as students are studying and completing homework.

Bicycles, Skates, Skateboards, Etc.

The use of bicycles, skates, skateboards, and other wheeled recreational vehicles is prohibited inside the Student Union. Bicycles must be left outside and secured to the bike racks provided.

Evening/Weekend Management Team

The Evening/Weekend Management Team consists of the Union Coordinator, Union Manager and the Student Building Managers. They act on behalf of the Student Union's full-time professional administrative personnel during their absence. These periods include evenings and weekends, special events, holidays, or any other events. The team is charged with interpreting and applying Student Union and Savannah State University policies and state laws (i.e., fire code violations). They have full authority of the administrative staff to make decisions regarding all operations and events within the Student Union while on duty.


No flyer may be larger than 11 x 17 inches, and posters may be no larger than 24 x 26 inches. Self-adhesive flyers or posters are prohibited. Flyers are to be stamped and approved by the Office of Student Life (King-Frazier Student Center, Rm. 246). Flyers within the Student Union may be hung on bulletin boards only. If flyers are not stamped, they will be removed immediately.

Banner Posting Policy

All banners must be approved in the office of Student Life prior to being displayed. Banners must be sponsored by a recognized student organization or the University department. Banners can only be displayed in the approved space which the building manager of the Union will designate. Any banner hung outside the approved space will be removed and the club, organization or department may forfeit their posting privileges. The Student Union staff reserve the right to dispose of any unauthorized banners and is not responsible for lost or stolen banners.

Banners may be hung one and half (1½) weeks prior to the event and will be removed one day after the event is over. Banners are displayed on a first come first serve basic. No outside vendors or agencies may utilize banner space unless cleared through the office of Student Life.

For more information contact the student union building manager at 912-358-3258.

Fundraising/Information Tables

The Student Union allows up to 4 tables Monday through Sunday in the Student Union Lobby. These tables are to be used for fundraising and information purposes. Student organizations must follow the policy statement on fundraising available through the Office of Student Life.

Information tables are for University use only and may be reserved by recognized student organizations and University departments, free of charge, to distribute information.

Paint, Glitter, Glue, Candles and Tape

Paint, glitter and glue materials are not permitted inside the Student Union. Tape cannot be placed on the walls in the Student Union. The use of these items will result in a housekeeping charge.

The Student Union reserves the right to charge a housekeeping charge to any group using any kind of decoration that may permanently change the appearance of the room.

No groups will be allowed to light candles of any kind and battery operated candles are allowed. This is a major safety issues and this policy will be followed.

Room Conditions

Groups must clean up after themselves. This includes straightening furniture, disposing of trash into trash receptacles, sweeping, washing tables, etc. as necessary. Any organization that fails to leave the facility in an acceptable condition will be billed for cleaning and/or damage and may jeopardize its privilege to reserve facilities in the future. The Program Coordinator or the Building Manager of the Student Union will notify violators of such charges. Any damages to facilities or equipment should be reported immediately. It is suggested that you check with the on-duty Union Coordinator or Student Building Manager before departing the premises to be sure that you are leaving the area in suitable condition. Rooms that are damage due to the lack of supervision by group leader(president) or advisor will be charged whatever cost of repair and/or cleaning.

*Student Union 2 WEEKS Space Request Policy

Customers requesting space in the Student Union less than 2 WEEKS out must follow the steps below:

Step 1: Contact the Student Union Building Manager/Staff to receive approval to hold the event in a Student Union space. Approval for access to the space in the Student Union requested less than 2 WEEKS out is at the full discretion of the Student Union's staff. All Student Organization Scheduling guidelines must be observed at all times when determining whether a space is available for use by student organizations.

Please note: Access to all spaces are the sole responsibility of the Union Staff.

*This policy does not include events involving fundraising or ticket sales. Events requiring logistical support including but not limited to Security, Ticket Office Personnel, University Event Managers, University Event Center audio/visual services, and Physical Plant Support, etc. must go through the University Event Coordinator for processing. All questions or concerns associated with this policy may be directed to the Student Union Director or the Program Coordinator.

Groups must have an advisor present at all times to the events, if not the Union staff has the right to shut down the event.