Intent Form  (Required only for Pre-Proposals & Limited Submissions)

Submit this form to secure early approval from chair, dean, and the Office of Sponsored Research Administration (OSRA) in cases where funding agency 1) requires a pre-proposal or 2) sets limits on number of applications that may be submitted per college or institution.

Grant Proposal Approval Form

Institutional approval is required prior to submission of all grant/contract proposals. The approval form documents this institutional approval. Submit the proposal narrative and budget under cover of the approval form to chair/dean/OSRA for review/signature, before the submission deadline, to allow adequate time for institutional review and approval and to ensure that the proposed scope of work and budget meet federal, state, and institutional requirements.

Time and Effort

Time and effort forms are to be submitted to OSRA on an after-the-fact semester basis to certify the effort performed over the prior semester. The deadline by semester is:

Summer Pay Form

This form is used to request summer compensation for the upcoming summer period.  Forms are due to OSRA by April 21 of each year.

Export Control Disclosure Form

This form is required if there are export control issues to disclose (faculty research involves controlled technology, etc.)

Financial Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form

This form is required for all team members who play a substantive role in research projects (design, data collection, data analysis, etc.)  to disclose if there are financial conflict of interest (FCOI) that may affect the integrity of the research.

IRB Application Form

This form is required to be submitted to the SSU IRB for all research projects involving human subjects, before the research project is initiated (including recruitment of subjects).  The research project may not commence until IRB approval is obtained.