Robert Noyce Team


Dr. Kisha Cunningham, Project Director/Principal Investigator
Dr. Mulatu Lemma, Co-PI
Dr. Mohamad Mustafa, Co-PI

Dr. Asad Yousuf, Co-PI
Ms. Gail Pasley, Project Coordinator

The SSU Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program will consist of math, engineering, and education faculty with the content knowledge competencies, management, and administrative skills, as well as, experience to accomplish the project goals. Every member of the Noyce team will serve as advisors/mentors throughout the academic year for the Noyce Scholars (Summer Interns, Scholarship/Stipend Recipients). The Noyce team will develop an assessment tool to track the progress of each Noyce Scholar’s post induction success. They will meet monthly to review and critique all data and results achieved to date and coordinate future activities, including any corrective actions that are needed. The roles and responsibilities for each team member are clearly defined:

PI: The role of Dr. Kisha Cunningham, Assistant Professor of Education, will be to direct and oversee the entire project. Dr. Cunningham has extensive experience in education preparation program development and STEM education. She will oversee the Noyce Scholar selection process, oversee the attainment of program objectives, supervise the project coordinator, manage the project budget, conduct program evaluations, and submit reports to NSF and SSU senior administration.

Co-PI: Dr. Mulatu Lemma, Professor, Mathematics, will focus on coordinating the Mathematics faculty’s involvement in recruitment, mentoring, and the 6-12 professional development workshops for new Mathematics content. He will coordinate program activities with the Noyce partners, SCCPSS, and with the Advisory Committee.  Dr. Lemma has extensive program administration experience as PI of the PRISM grant. He will assist in coordinating between the program partners. In addition, Dr. Lemma will develop the math component of the summer education internship program.

Co-PI: Dr. Mohamad Mustafa, Chair/ Professor, Civil Engineering, coordinates the Engineering faculty in recruitment, advising and mentoring of rising engineering sophomore interns, and STEM professionals. In addition, Dr. Mustafa will develop and implement the engineering component of the summer education internship program.

Co-PI: Dr. Asad Yousuf, Professor, Electrical Engineering, will lead the participation of the engineering faculty in mentoring and the professional development workshops. He will also lead the development of the website and coordinate the Noyce Scholars field and clinical experiences and their professional learning. Dr. Yousuf will be also involved in the execution of the summer education internship program.

Project Coordinator: Ms. Gail Pasley, Noyce Program Coordinator will provide overall administrative support, including administering the scholarships, coordinating program activity efforts, budget, internships, field placements, workshops, design & maintain website content, social media, publications and e-news, and recruitment trips. In addition, Mrs. Camper will manage contracts and scholarship disbursements. The program coordinator will analyze and maintain thorough assessment records of student progress, and meeting minutes, agendas, and other program activities.