Advisory Board

Dr. Kisha Cunningham, SSU, Noyce PI: Assistant Professor and SOTE Curriculum Chair, School of Teacher Education
Dr. Mulatu Lemma, SSU, Noyce Co-PI: Chair/Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Mohamad Mustafa, SSU, Noyce Co-PI: Chair, Engineering Technology/Professor of Civil Engineering Technology
Dr. Asad Yousuf, SSU, Noyce Co-PI: Professor and Coordinator of Electronics Engineering Technology
Dr. Mary Kropiewnicki, SSU, Dean and Professor of Education, School of Teacher Education
Dr. Jonathan Lambright, SSU, Dean, College of Sciences and Technology
Dr. Kisha Cunningham, SSU, Assistant Professor, Technology Education, School of Teacher Education
Dr. Andrea Moore, SSU, Assistant Professor, Biology Education, College of Sciences and Technology
Dr. Mihaela Munday, SSU, Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education, School of Teacher Education
Dr. Cora Thompson, SSU, Field and Clinical Experiences Coordinator/Assistant Professor, School of Teacher Education
Mr. Patrick Dean, SSU, Director, Outreach & Career Development, College of Sciences and Technology
Dr. Ann Levett, SCCPSS, Chief Academic Officer
Mr. Ramon Ray, SCCPSS, Chief Human Resources Officer
Dr. Deonn B. Stone, SCCPSS Certification/Teacher Induction Coordinator, THRIVE, Lead Professional Learning Coach
Dr. Michele Fox, SCCPSS, Professional Learning Teacher Quality and Induction Specialist
Ms. Kay Aikens, SCCPSS, Director for Professional Learning and Teacher Development
Dr. Angie Lewis, SCCPSS, Director for Office of College of Career Readiness
Ms. Wendy Marshall, SCCPSS, Program Manager, Instructional/Media Technology
Ms. Holly Rutledge, SCCPSS, Program Manager, Science
Dr. Marlyn D. Westbrook, SCCPSS, Program Manager, Mathematics
Dr. Sean Mulvanity, Oglethorpe Charter School, Site Manager & Director of Curriculum
Ms. Barbara Foley, Learning for Life Outreach Director - Exploring/Learning for Life
Ms. Audrey Rodriguez, YMCA of Coastal Georgia, Inc.,Youth Development Director
Dr. Julius Scipio, SSU, Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Dr. Bettina Tate, STC,  Program Manager, CTAE