Call for Awards Nominations

The Organizing Committee for the 2017 Urban Planning Conference seeks nominations for an award that will be given at the conference. This year's theme is "Equity Planning: Creating Diverse and Inclusive Communities."

The conference will focus on equity planning to address the widening gap between prosperous communities and those that continue to be disenfranchised. Despite the growth and positive transformation that have occurred in many rural and urban areas over the past few decades, a significant segment of the American population live in substandard conditions. As planning professionals, it is crucial that we promote equitable development and advocate for policies and practices that mitigate systemic inequities in housing, transportation, economic opportunities, and living environments.

The Urban Planning Award is given to recognize outstanding initiatives that provide public benefit (e.g. respond to needs of changing community, provide tangible benefits, improve accessibility, etc.). The initiative must demonstrate one or more of the following themes: 1) collaboration, 2) implementation, and 4) design.

Public and private projects are eligible for nomination as well as both structural and non-structural initiatives.

To nominate an individual or organization for the award, provide the information on the attached form and return it to the Urban Planning Conference Awards Selection Committee via email or fax, by close of business February 23, 2017. Email to: Dr. David Bell at or Dr. Deden Rukmana at Applications can also be faxed to 912.358.8050.

Please note "Award Nomination" in subject line or cover page.