Summer: June -July

Math (Core)


Algebra I

Algebra II



The math component offers algebra I, algebra II, geometry, and pre-calculus. Algebra I and algebra II focus on the basic concepts of Algebra emphasizing computation and applications. The Geometry and Pre-Calculus courses also emphasize computation and applications within the specific subject matter. Instructors utilize computer-assisted instruction PLATO with an emphasis on preparing for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and Georgia EOCT
English/Literature /Reading (Core)
Courses/Instruction Description
English Composition


Library Science Workshops

The purpose of this component is to engage participants in the process of writing that involves: thinking, brainstorming, outlining, free-writing, editing and re-writing. Classes also explore the connections between literature and the present world with emphasis on the lives of several authors and their relationships with their respective culture, society, and time period. Participants are expected to write articles in the UB newsletter, essays for college admissions and compositions about field trips. Participants also conduct dramatic presentations about literary works and help make oral presentations at recruitment and other group meetings. Instructors utilize computer assisted instruction PLATO and Kaplan with an emphasis on preparing for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and Georgia EOCT.
Reading (Core)
Courses/Instruction Description
Reading The purpose of this component is to develop basic, advanced, or speed reading skills based on the participant's need. The curriculum focuses on vocabulary building, reading comprehension, and spelling skills. Participants are encouraged to read as often as possible. Newspapers, program correspondence, and library books are all made available to participants with encouragement to read.
Foreign Language (Core)
Courses/Instruction Description


Classes in Spanish and French encompass basic conversation with an emphasis on pronunciation and grammar. In addition, emphasis is placed on exposing participants to other cultures to help them gain a global perspective and appreciation for people of other countries. Activities include games, worksheets, oral reading, listening to music and computer exploration.
Social Studies (Core)
Courses/Instruction Description
U.S. and World History


American Government

Social Studies classes emphasize types of government economic systems, history, geography, and the social, cultural and political position of America from the pre-colonial period to the present. Participants conduct library research on current events and review videos and books on current social topics.
Engineering and Technology
Courses/Instruction Description
Introduction to Engineering and Technology

This course will introduce the student to engineering disciplines. Students will develop an understanding of various engineering programs and how these programs relate to the work environment. This course will emphasize on:

  • STEM career day workshop that include: a) hosting a speaker from the US Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District; b) Army ROTC speaker, SSU unit. c) Speaker from Hunter Army Air Field.
  • Hands-on activities in area of Civil and Electrical Engineering.
  • Navigation of the AEOP web site to inform/educate students of AEOP opportunities for high school and college students
Science (Core)
Courses/Instruction Description
Physical Science




The sciences include introduction to geology, structures and functions of the organs, introduction to nuclear energy, major gas laws, and molecules. Activities include lab experiments requiring: preparation, observation, measurement, discussion, and writing lab reports.

During the academic year: