Brand Guidelines

Graphic Identity 

Graphic identity refers to the images the university offers to the public through its typefaces, logos and colors, and the applications of such on business cards, stationery, decals and more. It is the visual representation of the university's most important symbols and marks. This guide will outline various elements of the university's graphic identity for a number of purposes. Use of any of the elements in a manner inconsistent with what is specified herein is not authorized without prior approval from the Communications Department.

Download the Graphic Identity Guide.

The use of the SSU logo, SSU Athletics logo and official seal may be used only with permission.

Style Guide

The Marketing and Communications Office uses as its primary reference The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook. The Style Guide references commonly used words and phrases.

Download the Style Guide.

Social Media

Savannah State embraces the use of social media. The Marketing and Communications Office has compiled a guide for how to be great at social media.

View Savannah State's Social Media Stream.

Download the Social Media Guide.

Departments wishing to set up individual social media accounts are asked to contact the Marketing and Communications Office prior to doing so. A representative from each department is required to attend social media workshops each semester.