Electronic Communications


The primary function of the website is to act as a recruitment and information tool for prospective students, their families and community stakeholders.

Its second priority is to act as an informational repository for on campus functions. 

SSU Website Guidelines

To add content to the website, contact the appropriate content manager for the department/unit. It will be reviewed and published (or edited) by Marketing and Communications staff. 

SSU adheres to WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards. Content managers are asked use simple layouts and when uploading a document, verify the document uses only black-on-white text, no/minimal images and is given a clear, conscise file name. 


Regulations regarding Savannah State email use are managed by Information Technology Services. Emails sent to "All Users" and other similar lists are used only in case of emergency. 

To have an announcement sent to all SSU employees, submit the item for inclusion in Digest.