Study Abroad: Panama

Program and Opportunities

Mass Communications professor Jessica Sparks leads students through the intersection of African and Latino cultures. Students will spend the first part of the course in Savannah, Ga., where investigative reporting and cultural immersion begins by working with local publications and individuals to gain cultural insight. 

During the 21 days in Panama, students will develop story ideas generated in the classroom, getting interviews and footage while touring the countryside. Once back for the wrap-up session, students will create videos and stories that will be submitted to multiple media outlets for publication.  

Course options

STAB 3000 - News Writing and Reporting

STAB 3500 - Feature Writing and Reporting

STAB 4001 - Advanced Writing and Reporting 

Cost: $2320

Includes tuition, room & board, field trips and round-trip airfare from Savannah, Ga.

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