Southeast Model African Union Conference

Savannah State University is proud to host the 2018 Southeast Model African Union Conference!  We value having the opportunity to give students hands-on highly engaging experiences as they tackle current issues and challenges facing Africa today.  This conference provides a unique opportunity for university and college students to study the role, structure and activities of the African Union as well as the economic, social, and political-security issues facing African countries.

This event will give students a chance to learn diplomacy and governmental organization through a unique simulation experience. This conference will deepen and increase your understanding of the many political, economic and cultural dimensions of African countries and how they relate to each other and the rest of the world.  As a conference participant, you will be expected to begin this journey well before the conference begins by doing research and educating yourself on the issues pertinent to your specific country.   By the time the conference starts you should be ready to be part of simulated meetings of the actual commissions of the African Union, at the Student Center at Savannah State University.  

Upon registration, you will receive all necessary materials, including the Delegation Handbook and the Faculty Advisor’s Handbook.  

The links on this website provide information about the rules, regulations, and other procedural information.  Please feel free to print and distribute copies to your delegates and faculty advisors.