ID Card Office

All students residing on-campus or off-campus, including distance learning students, as well as all employees of the university and its on-site contractors, are required to obtain an SSU ID Card. In order to obtain the card, it is necessary to provide a legal picture ID such as a State ID, Drivers License and/or Passport. It is mandatory that the SSU ID card be visibly displayed at all times while on-campus. A student's card is valid for services each semester once the student has registered for class. The SSU ID Card is not transferable; it is illegal to give your card to someone else. Only the first card is issued without a fee. Replacement IDs cost $35 each.

Lost cards must be reported immediately to the ID Card Office to prevent unauthorized use of any meals or dollars placed on the card.

Please read thoroughly the Cardholder Agreement that you will sign when you receive your ID Card, as this has additional terms and conditions related to your card.

Where to Go for an ID

In order to receive an SSU ID Card, you must attend New Student Orientation or  be registered for classes and present a current photo ID.

The SSU ID Card office is located in room 199 of the King-Frazier Student Center. Hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. For questions about ID Cards, please contact the office at 912-358-3068.

If you are an online-student requesting an ID for the first time, please follow these steps.

Where Your ID Card Can Be Used

The SSU ID Card must be used as identification for many services throughout campus, such as the Health Center, King-Frazier game room, Body Shop in Willcox-Wiley, and the library. In addition, your ID card can be used for the following:

Where You Can Put Flex Funds on Your Card

You can add funds on your card by going to the PHIL, located just inside the front door of the King-Frazier Student Center (to the left of the BankMobile ATM), or in the Student Union at the machine behind the vending machine on the first floor across from the elevator. The PHIL will accept credit cards or cash. Information about terms and conditions related to card funds is located in the Cardholder Agreement that you will sign when you receive your SSU ID Card.