Voluntary Services Policy

Policy: to provide an opportunity for individuals to gain experience or serve the university through an un-paid work activity.

Procedures: All volunteers must be approved in advance at the President or Vice President level. As part of the approval, the requesting supervisor must provide an approved written list of job duties and hours. The approved job duty document should be sent to Human Resources to place in the volunteer's file. Actual hours worked should be agreed upon by the appropriate supervisor and the volunteer.

Timing: The voluntary services will be for an agreed period of time as determined by all parties.

Requirements: All volunteers must be at least 18 years old. Students on summer break are eligible.

Training: All volunteers must be oriented to the Universities’ policies on drugs, harassment, safety and confidentiality.

Record Keeping: A separate file will be kept in Human Resources documenting the voluntary period. Student volunteers, coordinated through Student Affairs, will not be issued keys or equipment.

Parking and Identification Card: The volunteer will be issued a SSU identification card and a temporary parking permit. The fee associated with this parking permit will be waived by the Parking Committee.

Processing In and Out: Volunteers must process in and out through Human Resources. They will complete paper work documenting name, address, emergency contact, etc. Orientation on policies/procedures will be done at this time. With the completion of the paper work a background check will be performed. At the completion of the volunteer period, they will process out through Human Resources.