Open Records Requests

The Georgia Open Records Act is a state statute that applies to all departments and individuals within Savannah State University. The Act requires that public records be open and available for inspection by a requesting party within a reasonable amount of time after the receipt of the request, unless the records are those exempted by law from disclosure (e.g., student educational records).

The Act also requires an initial response within three (3) business days to all Open Records Act requests received by a university official (faculty, staff or administrator). Failure to do so may result in penalties for the university official under the provisions of the law. There are some exceptions to the Open Records Act, including medical records and student academic records.

SSU's Chief Legal Affairs Officer serves as the University's Custodian of Records for purposes of the Georgia Open Records Act. If you are requesting access to University records pursuant to the Georgia Open Records Act, click the button below.

Attention: Flora B. Devine, Esq.
Interim University Counsel & Title IX Coordinator
(912) 358-4056