Alternative Dispute Resolution

Since 1995, SSU has implemented ADR to resolve disputes at the lowest possible level. The University adopted the Conciliatory Model commonly known as Mediation. Mediation is where the parties in dispute turn to a neutral third party to listen to their concerns and facilitate communications between them. The neutral mediator assists the parties in identifying interests and needs and resolving those interest and needs.

The process is voluntary, co nfidential , and allows for self-determination of the parties. The mediator does not render a decision. The parties craft their own resolution to their dispute.

How do I utilize the Services of ADR?
ADR is a part of SSU statutes and grievance process. Therefore, all members of the university community, including students, staff and faculty may use this process by contacting the ADR Coordinator who will facilitate the use of ADR options including internal and external mediators.

What kinds of concerns are brought to an ADR process?

  1. Two parties cannot work together because of a dispute.
  2. Work performance is negatively influenced by dispute.
  3. One party complains about another party's action/decision