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Every employee would like to earn as high a salary as they can at their job but surprisingly it's not the number one motivating factor for them in the workplace. Human resource surveys indicate that wages are not even among the top five motivating factors for an employee. What does rank as one of the highest factors is being recognized by their employer for their contributions.

Rewarding and recognizing employees motivates them. Rewarding an employee motivates an employee extrinsically. Recognizing an employee motivates an employee intrinsically. To put it another way, money is a reward. Recognition may mean granting an honor or awarding a trophy.

The President of Savannah State University has instituted through his authority as the chief executive officer of the institution from the Board of Regents University System of Georgia, the awarding of new and revised awards at Savannah State University.  The awards are as follows:

  • Richard R. Wright, Sr. Award of Excellence
  • Cyrus G. Wiley Award for Alumni Excellence
  • Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award
  • Distinguished Faculty Research/Grantsmanship Award
  • Distinguished University Staff Award
  • Mattie Beverly Payne Distinguished Service Award
  • President’s Second Mile Award
  • University Service Award

The description, criteria and eligibility for these awards are outlined in the Savannah State University Presidential Awards booklet.

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