Room Assignments

  1. How are assignments made?

    Assignments are made according to the original date of completed application and non-refundable application fee. For example, if there is only one space left in Bowen-Smith Hall, but two people have requested that hall, the Assistant to the Director/Staff Assistant looks at both applicants' application and places the person with the earliest completed one in the room. Every attempt is made to grant the applicant's request, but this is not always possible. If such a case arises, applicants are placed in any available room. Please send your application, contract and the room reservation/damage deposit in as soon as you are accepted at Savannah State University. Only complete housing applications will be processed.

  2. Can I change my housing requests?

    Yes, you may make changes by putting your changes in writing, and sending them to Housing and Residence Life.

  3. If my roommate and I do not get along, can I change rooms?

    There are no moves for the first two weeks of the semester. Before moves can be made, we must verify the vacancies from people who fail to notify us they will not be needing housing. Once this is done, you may put in a request to your hall staff if you wish to move to a different room or residence hall.

  4. How will I know my housing request will be honored?

    The staff in Housing and Residence Life will notify you if your request can or cannot be honored. New applicants will receive verification of their building and room assignments for the fall semester in July and weekly thereafter for students who apply after June 1.

  5. When will I know who my roommate is?

    When you receive your room assignment letter, you will be able to find out who your roommate will be. We do not forward addresses or phone numbers without the consent of the student. If you would like to get in touch with your roommate before the semester starts, please send us a letter of consent which states your name and address or phone number and the request to pass this along to your roommate. If we receive such a note from you, we will pass it on to the roommate and it is up to him/her to contact you.