Area Hospitals

Savannah has three major hospitals for physical care and three major facilities for Psychiatric/Behavior Health Care. Students should maintain adequate private health insurance to cover any needed hospitalizations. Student Health Insurance information is located in the Student Health Center. Most health care facilities are within five miles of the Savannah State University Campus.

The Health Center's Medical Director (Dr. G. Norman Harvey) is a solo practice Physician and is affiliated with Candler Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital and Memorial Health University Medical Center. He may be contacted by the hospital if the student request him to provide in-patient care. He is also on call to the Student Health Center Nurses during hours of operation.

Physical Care

St. Joseph / Candler Hospital

Memorial Health 

Psychiatric/Behavioral Care

Clark Unit Memorial Health University Medical Center
4700 Waters Avenue
(912) 350-5600
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Memorial University Medical Center
4700 Waters Avenue
(912) 350-8000
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Charter Savannah Behavioral Health System
1150 Cornell Avenue
(912) 354-3911
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St. Joseph's Hospital
11705 Mercy Blvd.
(912) 819-4100
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Georgia Regional Hospital at Savannah
1915 Eisenhower Drive
(912) 356-2011
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