Graduate Student Employment

To financially support graduate students who are not on graduate assistantships, professional opportunities for graduate student employment are available in several offices and departments across the SSU campus, including: the Asa H. Gordon Library, the SSU Writing Center, the Office of Graduate Studies, and the Office of Student Affairs. All graduate student employment opportunities are diverse in nature and encompass a wide variety of responsibilities and duties while allowing students to also achieve their academic goals. These graduate student employment opportunities include: working with faculty and staff on research, performing assigned teaching, mentoring, tutoring, research, and other responsibilities as assigned.

The Graduate Student Employment Program at Savannah State University is designed to promote the research and teaching responsibility of the university and to provide students with valuable professional development opportunities while he or she earns a degree. Therefore, graduate student employment involves the dual responsibilities of maintaining a satisfactory academic performance and of successfully performing the assigned teaching, research, or other responsibilities.

During the fall and spring SSU Graduate Student Orientation Sessions, detailed information regarding graduate student employment opportunities will be shared. If you missed the Orientation Sessions, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at or call us at 912-358-4195 for more information.


To be eligible for a graduate student employment, you must:

Expectations for graduate student workers

Graduate student workers receive a stipend for living expenses


Graduate Student Employment Application

Additional Information

For more information, please contact:
The Office of Graduate Studies