Agency & Auxiliary Accounting

Agency and Auxiliary Accounting, a unit of the Business & Financial Affairs office and is responsible for all fiscal matters as it relates to agency and auxiliary accounts.

Agency Accounting

Agency accounts, classified as "Funds Held for Others", are established for temporary resources held by the University as custodian or fiscal agent for individuals or third party organizations. In addition to traditional Agency accounts described above, the University may establish Agency accounts for meetings, seminars, training sessions, and workshops to cover incidental costs such as meals, speakers, training materials, and refreshments.

Auxiliary Accounting

An auxiliary enterprise, or auxiliary service, is defined as an activity that exists to provide a service directly or indirectly to students, faculty, or staff, and for which a fee is charged that is related to, but not necessarily equal to, the cost of the service. Auxiliary Service activities include:

It is the responsibility of the Agency and Auxiliary Accounting department to ensure that the business interests of the University are protected. In general, the office is available to the departments for counsel concerning financial matters and to act as a liaison to the University's office of Business and Financial Affairs. Day-to-day operations include overseeing financial transactions, analyzing financial statements and helping the Auxiliary Services department heads prepare financial reports.

Agency & Accounting Staff

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