Next Steps

After you have been accepted into Savannah State University and the MOWR program please take the following steps:

Register For Classes

The SSU College Course Registration Liaison and your high school guidance counselor will work together to select college courses that will meet your high school graduation requirements. Click the button below for a list of MOWR approved courses.

MOWR Course List
College Course Registration Liaison

Pay Fees

Tuition is free for all MOWR approved courses. The student is responsible for any lab or resource fees associated with those courses.

Student Financial Services

Pick Books

The bookstore will loan textbooks to student enrolled in the Move On When Ready program each semester, depending on course availability. Textbooks must be returned to Savannah State University at the end of each semester. The student may be charged a lost or damaged book fee if the book is not returned in the required condition.



  1. Student Financial Services - located on the first floor of Hill Hall
  2. Bookstore - located on the first floor of the King Frazier Student Center
  3. College Course Registration Liaison - located on second floor of Whiting Hall