Security Policies

Please read and annually review the SSU Security Policies

Savannah State University Security Plan

10_1 Appropriate Use Policy 10_2 Electronic Mail Policy
10_3 Information Security Awareness Policy 10_4 Security Incident Response Policy
10_5 Password Policy 10_6 Anti-virus Policy
10_7 Wireless Security Policy 10_8 Data Classification Policy
10_9 Media Disposal Policy

10_10 Network Access Policy

10_11 Account Management Policy 10_12 Physical Access Policy
10_13 Backup Policy 10_14 Remote Access Policy
10_15 Intrusion Prevention Policy 10_16 Change Management Policy
10_17 Data Encryption Policy 10_18 Web Policy
10_19 Server Security Policy 10_20 Administrative Access Policy
10_21 P2P File Sharing Policy 10_22 Desktop Security Policy

If you have questions concerning these policies, please contact: