We develop Midshipmen mentally, morally and physically; ready to meet the demands of the Fleet.


Our Midshipmen are of the highest caliber, prepared to serve and ready to support and defend the Constitution.

We excel academically, learn while advancing critical thinking skills, embody physical, mental and moral strength, and lead ourselves and others to successful outcomes.

The active duty staff is here to guide and assist, but it is the Midshipman that owns the process and charts the path to his or her success and the success of the team.


Attract young men and women who display the greatest promise of becoming outstanding naval officers.
Navy: Seek candidates with the potential of becoming Nuclear Propulsion Officers (NPO). Success in getting Midshipmen through the academic requirements of the program and the NPO interview will demand dedicated supplemental training. SSU is committed to assisting us in meeting our NPO goals. We will continue to work together and do everything necessary to make our university better and more attractive to potential candidates.

Marines: Seek candidates, specifically those desiring aviation, who have the aptitude for success at OCS. Beyond academics, Marine option Midshipmen will be relentless in their preparations for OCS.

GPA, physical fitness and aptitude goals will be established early.
Goals will be written at the beginning of each term with the assigned active duty counselor. Midshipmen will be counselled early in their student career, throughout each term and when needed or identified by staff and upperclassmen. Ensure academic plans are well-thought out, written and executed. Plan class schedules so Midshipmen are successful at achieving a solid GPA every semester. Dedicate time and resources to making Midshipmen the best students in their class while getting them to their permanent duty stations with the least amount of time at the university.

Assign leadership opportunities during the academic year and summer cruises to provide for growth.
These opportunities should allow for the refinement of learned leadership skills.

Be on alert for additional scholarships related to the naval service, university, military or ROTC programs.
Active duty staff will assist deserving Midshipmen in becoming aware of opportunities that will allow them to concentrate on studies while being less stressed on financial need.

Hold Midshipmen to the highest academic and ethical standards.
This profession demands that we hold each other accountable. Value-added feedback will be provided via fitness and counseling reports. Staff and students will foster a safe and positive growth environment while preparing Midshipmen for commissions. It is critical that Midshipmen are reminded of why they are seeking commissions and what will be expected of them.