Applied Math Mentored Research and Internship Experiences

Applied math research training and internships are valuable to prepare students for STEM careers and graduate programs. STEM majors who have declared a minor in applied math will be eligible to apply for research/internship scholarships. There will be 5 mentored research or internship opportunities each year. 
Criteria to apply will be: STEM major, rising junior level or higher, declared applied math minor, and GPA of 3.0. The opportunity will be widely disseminated to all STEM majors to encourage all eligible students to apply. The application review committee will select highly qualified and motivated students who would benefit from this opportunity, based on their interest (short essay), resume, GPA, and letter of recommendation. Awards will be made each Fall to provide 2 semesters (fall/spring) of AY research training and 1 summer internship/research training experience. The awards will be limited to 12-month duration, to open up the opportunity to other students the next year.
After students are selected for this opportunity, they will be paired with an appropriate mentor(s). Co-mentoring by faculty from both math and other STEM departments will be encouraged. The research training will emphasize on applied math projects.

 Students will receive $5,400 for stipend per award and $1,025 for conference travel



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