Department of Mathematics Degree Programs

The curriculum in Mathematics is designed for those students who are interested in careers in mathematics or related fields (after graduation) in industry/government or in pursuing an advanced degree in mathematics, pure or applied.

The Mathematics Program offers courses leading to the baccalaureate degree. Minor programs in mathematics and physics. The program promotes an extensive interdisciplinary approach to provide students a sound educational background, one that will make the students quite marketable and thus prepared for gainful employment, or prepared to pursue graduate study.

The main objectives of the Mathematics Program are (1) to provide a program of study in mathematics, physics, and physical science which will enable students to achieve computational and problem-solving skills, and understanding of basic physical principles, and will enable them to apply these basic skills to their respective areas of study; and (2) to provide students in mathematics with the theory and applications necessary for use in post-baccalaureate study and/or in the work force, insights into physical and natural laws, and the analytical and logical thinking necessary for the application of these tools in the various fields as measured by departmental and national level examinations.