Associate of Science Aquarium Science Degree

The Associate of Applied Science in Aquarium Science degree program provides coursework and a curriculum intended for undergraduate 2-year education, focusing on aquatic animal and plant captive maintenance. This curriculum provides specific instructional, laboratory and internship experiences to individuals seeking an occupation involving aquaria and aqua- or mariculture. Students benefiting from this program will see potential employment opportunities within: public aquariums and zoos; ornamental fish trade, aquaculture, or aquatic fisheries businesses; marine research institutions and programs; educational and outreach centers; self-employment; state and federal natural resource agencies.

Studies funded by the Natural Science Foundation along with a cooperative agreement between Savannah State University and the Georgia Aquarium in 2005 lead to the identification of a great need for an Associate of Applied Science in Aquarium Science degree within the state of Georgia. In 2009 a proposal for such a program was put forth. The new AAS Aquarium Science program curriculum was later introduced within the 2011-2012 SSU undergraduate catalog. Currently, Savannah State University is proud to be the only university offering an Associates of Applied Science in Aquarium Science Degree alongside the state's only Bachelors of Science and Master of Science in Marine Science degree programs.

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