Forensic Science

Vision Statement

The Savannah State University Forensic Science program will significantly increase the

understanding of scientific principles and their applications in the field of Forensic Science so as to produce graduates with exceptional scientific knowledge, practical skills, understanding and integrity to effectively support the performance of the judicial system.


Mission Statement of the New Forensic Science Degree Program

The mission of the Forensic Science Degree Program is to provide forensic science majors with a solid scientific understanding of the applications of forensic science to the judicial system while promoting scientific integrity, critical thinking and communication skills. Develop within our students an understanding of ethical behavior at the highest level. This program will maintain cutting-edge awareness by exposing majors to current technological advances and laboratory instruments and equipment used in forensic science. The program will promote intellectual diversity, interactive and creativity centered learning experiences, resulting in a highly marketable interdisciplinary degree.

B.S. Forensic Science (Biology Track)

B.S. Forensic Science (Chemistry Track)