Schedule of Events 

August 22, 2018: Contract meeting with the scholars (private)

September 19, 2018: Check-in meeting to see scholars' progress (private)

September 24, 2018: Dr. Masini seminar on diagnostic and therapeutic science careers (mandatory)

September 25, 2018: Dr. Katz workshop on reading and critical thinking (mandatory)

October 8, 2018: Dr. Schneider seminar (not mandatory for scholars)

November 6, 2018: Mr. Beamon presentation on opportunities at Student Success Center (mandatory)

January 29, 2019: Scholar meet and greet with research faculty (mandatory)

February 8, 2019: Mr. Cox 3-D printing workshop, part 1 (mandatory)

February 15, 2019: Mr. Cox 3-D printing workshop, part 2 (mandatory)