Shared Research Facilities Cores

This site will provide you with information about shared instruments and services available to researchers at the Savannah State University Campus. Some of these cores are institutional research cores and others are supported by grants. The use of these facilities by may also be available on a fee-for-service to the wider institutional community, or on a collaborative basis. Via this portal, you can navigate to specific scientific area pages, with information on capabilities and contacts.

While each area offers unique expertise, services and/or products to researchers, SSU strives for a common management philosophy fundamentally dedicated to supporting high-quality scientific investigation. This management philosophy is actualized through the work of the offices of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Office of Sponsored Research Administration with the cooperation of the Office of the Dean of the College of Science and Technology which ensures that fair and consistent standards are used in the creation and maintenance of each research area. The Shared Research Facilities Core is governed by the Institutional Policy for Shared Equipment Use.

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