Restricted Accounting & Compliance

Restricted Accounting & Compliance, also known as Grants and Contracts Compliance (GCC), a unit of the Office of the Comptroller, is responsible for overall fiscal management and reporting of all sponsored agreements awarded to Savannah State University The office seeks to provide accounting service to the University community in the most efficient and effective manner possible, while still ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations, in addition to Savannah State University policies and procedures. Grants and Contracts personnel are available for advising and/or referring to appropriate University officials on matters relating to federal and state laws, Board of Regents regulations, as well as University rules, regulations, and policies pertaining to fiscal management of grants and contracts.

The Comptroller's Office is responsible for ensuring that the business interests of the University are protected throughout the operation of such fiscal agreements. The GCC unit of the Comptroller's Office helps to ensure that the University complies with all provisions of contracts, grants, and agreements entered into with outside companies or agencies. Additionally, GCC is responsible for maintaining auditable records in support of direct and indirect charges to contracts and grants, filing fiscal reports required by grantor agencies, billing and collecting costs incurred on cost reimbursement contracts, and requesting funds related to said contracts.

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