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The Accounts Payable Department is responsible for examining all accounts, claims, and demands against Savannah State University, and for making payment of all the University's legally incurred obligations for materials and services other than payrolls.

No payments are to be made unless there is money in the Treasury legally allocated for such payments, and until the Accounts Payable Department has been presented with supporting documents and invoices which have been reviewed and found to be correct.

Fiscal Year End

Our fiscal year end closes on June 30th each year. State Purchasing normally closes (only emergency purchases allowed) a few months prior to year-end close to allow time to receive all invoices and make all payments to vendors. We encourage our staff to plan their purchases and travel in such a manner that they will not be inconvenienced during the 2-3 week time period at year-end close that checks nor purchase orders are not processed.

Payments to Internationals

Savannah State University must comply with Federal tax and immigration regulations when processing payments to foreign nationals. The intended recipient's visa type determines the type of payment that SSU may legally process to the person. All SSU payments to non resident aliens are subject to withholding taxes and are reportable to the Internal Revenue Service.

This information is intended to assist the University community in determining the proper method of processing payments to foreign nationals.

Remittance of Invoices

All invoices are to be submitted directly to the accounts payable office for timely payment. The address is as follows:

Office of Business & Financial Affairs
Savannah State University
3219 College Street
Box 20419
Savannah, Georgia 31404

or can be emailed to: or faxed to 912-650-8076

If an invoice is provided to an employee or mailed to a location on campus other than the accounts payable office, it cannot be guaranteed that it will be processed for payment.

Accounts Payable Team

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