COBA Prospective Students

Why Choose COBA?

Whether you are a professional contemplating a return to the classroom for a graduate degree or graduating high school student about to embark on the college decision-making process, COBA has the right fit for you.


The degree you will receive as a business major at SSU is the BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration which requires 125 semester hours and a MBA- Master of Business Administration which requires 30 semester hours.


You will choose a specific Major for your BBA from the 5 majors that we offer: Accounting, Computer Information Systems(CIS), Global Logistics & International Business, Management, and Marketing. Students have the option to double major, as well.

Common Requirements for All Business Majors

All business students must complete the same COBA General requirements. These Business Core courses provide a broad foundation of knowledge and skills in the functional areas of business.


COBA offers 7 Minors: Accounting, Business, Computer Information System, Entrepreneurship, Global Logistics and International Business (G-LIB), Management and Marketing. Business majors are not required to earn a Minor.