G-LIBER Center

The mission of the Center for Global Logistics and International Business Research (G-LIBER) is to promote economic development, trade, growth and job creation by engaging SSU students and the local Savannah business community with institutions of higher education and businesses worldwide.

Strategic Objectives

Student Development

The center offers a major and minor in global logistics and international business (G-LIB) focusing on courses in supply chain management, logistics, transportation, trade, marketing and export management. We offer study abroad programs in China, India, France and UK to promote experiential learning. Our students participate in international academic conferences and win best paper awards at graduate and undergraduate levels. Students also represent us at Logistics Student Showcase event at the Annual Georgia Logistics Summit.

Faculty Development

We have a diverse faculty committed to teaching G-LIB curriculum and preparing students for corporate world. Faculty has opportunities to engage in international research and exchange programs abroad. Professors participate in faculty development seminars hosted by Centers for International Business Education & Research (CIBERs). G-LIBER Center houses International Marketing and Management Research (IMMR) journal series published by Palgrave Publications, UK, which features peer-reviewed articles by faculty, students and practitioners.

Global Business Outreach

G-LIBER Center has developed partnerships with Gulfstream, GA Ports Authority, JCB, Home Depot, CH Robinson, IKEA, US Commercial Service, World Trade Center Savannah, United Community Bank, DJ Powers, Kia Motors, MLET and others in Savannah Area. We are working with Savannah based international companies like DJ Powers to develop a Global Supply Chain Management Challenge for X-Culture project which provides consulting to companies for their business challenges while providing experience-based education to 4000 students located in 100 universities across 40 countries.