Global Logistics & International Business (G-LIB) Overview

Savannah State University will launch in Fall 2013, a new Bachelor of Business Administration degree program in Global Logistics and International Business (G-LIB). The four-year, interdisciplinary G_LIB degree program is the first of its kind in the state of Georgia to focus on both global logistics and international business. Particular emphasis will be placed on increasing awareness and understanding of globalization, international business, global logistics and supply-chain management as they apply to the Savannah region-home of the Port of Savannah, recognized as one the most strategic ports on the East Coast.

Global Logistics & International Business(G-LIB) is a course of study for business and non-business majors at the College of Business Administration, Savannah State University. The courses taught under Global Logistics & International Business (G-LIB) curriculum are: Global Operations Management, Global Supply Chain Management, Global Business Logistics, International Marketing and Export Management, Business Strategies for Emerging Markets, International Business Management, Global Electronic Business, International Transportation Management, and Retailing Management along with emphasis on Chinese(Mandarin) and Korean languages.