Program of Study Curriculum


In addition to completing 47 hours of Savannah State University's core curriculum requirements (Areas A, B, C, D*, E, and additional requirements), 18 hours in Area F (courses appropriate to the program of study); and 60 hours of social work major (SOWK) courses.

Core Curriculum: 

Areas A, B, C, D, E, and Additional Requirements          47hrs

**Social work majors must complete BIO 1104 (Human Biology) and BIO 1104 Lab


Credit Hours
Courses Appropriate to
Program of Study
18 hrs
SOWK 2000
SOCI 2101
SOWK 2200
POLS 2101
Self-Awareness and Professional Development
Social Statistics (also listed as SOWK 2101)
Human Needs and Human Services
Introduction to Political Science.
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
Foreign Language sequence (Two courses at any level)
6 hrs
Major Requirements:
48 hrs
SOWK 2205
SOWK 3101
SOWK 3201
SOWK 3202
SOWK 3220
SOWK 3305
SOWK 3340
SOWK 3341
SOWK 3342
SOWK 4410
SOWK 4701
SOWK 4702
SOWK 4901
SOWK 4902
History of Social Welfare and Social Policy
Research Methods
Human Behavior & the Social Environment I
Human Behavior & the Social Environment II
Human Diversity and Social Work Practice
Introduction to Social Work Practice
Interventive Methods I
Interventive Methods II
Interventive Methods III
Implementation of Social Welfare Policies
Field Experience I ***
Field Experience II
Senior Seminar I
Senior Seminar II
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
6 hrs
6 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
Choose two of the following courses:
6 hrs
SOWK 4106
SOWK 4201
SOWK 4301
SOWK 4510
SOWK 5501
SOWK 6000
SOWK 6100
Social Work with Families and Children
Gerontological Social Work
Substance Abuse Intervention Strategies
Crisis Intervention
Law, Race and Poverty in the Welfare of Children
Special Topics
Independent Study
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
General Electives
6 hrs
Total Hours Required
125 hrs


To be eligible for admissions to Field Practicum, students must earn a minimum GPA of 2.5 and above in all Social Work Courses after formal admission to the social work program. Students must also satisfy the standards for social work education as stated in the BSW Student Handbook.

Students must adjust their schedules for weekday, daytime practicum hours.

Students who are denied admission to field practicum must select another major. Students who fail field practicum a second time will be dismissed from the social work program and must select another major . 

Master of Social Work (MSW)

  Master of Social Work Program