Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Savannah State University
Homeland Security and Emergency Management Program

The SSU Homeland Security and Emergency Management Program (HSEM) program is built on the existing body of knowledge in homeland security and emergency management as well as current and developing research, with an emphasis on lessening the impacts of disasters on our most vulnerable citizens. The program prepares students for public and private sector positions in this growing field.

The HSEM program uses an interdisciplinary approach, preparing students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to leverage and coordinate the full range of capacity and resources to improve outcomes in a disaster - whether natural or human-caused. The program offers students knowledge specific to different types and causes of disaster, lessons from past disasters, and both comprehensive and hazard-specific practices that lead to effective prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

The SSU HSEM program is the only bachelor's degree program in homeland security and/or emergency management in the state of Georgia and the first in the nation at a historically black college/university.

The program leads to the bachelor's degree in homeland security and emergency management. Students must earn 125 hours to graduate, with 36 semester hours in major required courses and no requirement for a subject area minor. A 15-hour minor in HSEM also is available. The grid can be found here.

Major in Homeland Security and Emergency Management (125 hours)

Core Curriculum 47 hours
(A reas A, B, C, D, E, and Additional Requirements)

Area F, Courses appropriate to the program 18 hours

HSEM 2101 - Introduction to HSEM 3 hours
GEOG 1101 - Introduction to Human Geography or
ANTH 1101 - Introduction to Anthropology 3 hours
HIST 2111 - U.S. History to Post-Civil War or
HIST 2112 - U.S. History Post-Civil War to Present 3 hours
SOCI 210 - Social Statistics 3 hours
Foreign Language 6 hours

Major required courses 36 hours

HSEM 3110 - Politics and Policy of HSEM*
HSEM 3120 - Law and Ethics in HSEM*
HSEM 3130 - Emergency Planning, Mitigation & Incident Management**
HSEM 3140 - Social Diversity Issues in HSEM
HSEM 3250 - Risk and Vulnerability Assessment*
HSEM 3260 - Terrorism in the Modern World
HSEM 3840 - Effective HSEM Communication and Leadership*
HSEM 3822 - Tools for Decision Making in HSEM**
HSEM 3901 - Internship** #
HSEM 4901 - Senior Capstone Seminar** #
Foreign language (6 hours in addition to those in Area F)

Electives 24 hours

HSEM electives 9 hours
General electives 15 hours

Total 125 hours|

*HSEM 2101 is a pre- or co-requisite
**HSEM 3250 is a pre- or co-requisite
#student must have passed a minimum of 75 credit hours or have permission of instructor.

Minor in Homeland Security and Emergency Management (15 hours)

For students majoring in other disciplines. Requirements for the HSEM minor are:

  • HSEM 3250, Assessing Risk and Vulnerability*
  • HSEM 3130, Emergency Planning, Mitigation and Incident Management*
  • Plus three additional HSEM courses at 3000-level or above.

*HSEM 2101 is a pre- or co-requisite; it does not count toward hours for the minor.